What does being a Christian mean?

Just what does it mean to be a Christian. There are many opinions on this topic:

  • Some think being a Christian means to go to church regularly and to honor all the traditions and history of the church.
  • Some think being a Christian is about constant repentance and always striving to keep the ten commandments.
  • Some think being a Christian is about fearing God and his wrath.
  • Some think being a Christian is about concentrating totally on God’s love and forgiveness.  

    While all of the above are in some aspect part of being a Christian, I don’t believe any of them reach to the heart of it. To me being a Christian is not about how you celebrate the past but how you act now and in the future. Being a Christian is not a spectator sport but instead is an active way of life. Most religious denominations today cheapen what it means to be the follower of Jesus Christ.  They demand so little when Jesus, through his words in the Gospels, demands so much.  They do this by focusing on a few words and seemingly ignoring the rest. 


  1. For me, being a Christian means opening myself up to the embrace of a loving Creator who is restoring me, moment by moment to be more like his resurrected Son Jesus. As I am restored, God guides me to be in right relationship to Him, Others, Self, and the cosmos. The more I find myself in harmonious relationship in these 4 areas, the more I find out what it means to be a Christian!

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