About Me

My Name is RJ Walters and I am not a clergy or a theologian. I am just an ordinary guy who is committed to trying to live my life by the red letters found in the Bible. After more than a dozen years of intense study of things religious I have come to believe it is up to each one of us to reach our individual understanding of God and his messages to us. We can not leave it up to the theologians or anyone else to tell us what to think. No two seem to agree with each other anyway.

Lately I have been talking quite a bit about the emergent movement currently taking place in the church. I want to make it clear that I am in no way formally associated with the movement or with any of its prominent members. I talk about it here because I truly believe that this movement will keep the church from imploding upon itself.  The Emergents basic foundation is to get back to concentrating on the words of Jesus and away from much of the man-made beliefs that have stacked up over time.  And that is what “Red Letter Living” truly means to me.

I have been told by many friends that one of the gifts the Lord has given me is being able to say things in simple terms and get to the heart of the issue. I will always strive to use that gift on this site.   If you have any interest in providing input or discussions about any of my topics please let me know. I welcome anything you have to say as long as it is given in a constructive and loving manner. (See the “Code of Conduct” button at the top of the screen).

In closing I will not be trying to convince you that my view of Christ is totally right or that you are wrong. There is far too much of that goes on in the Christian world already. I am via this blog only relaying my experiences with my creator. I pray that you might gain some insight from my words. If you are like-minded I pray some of my posts will show you that you are not alone in those feelings.