About This Blog…

I started the blog in 2008 to seek answers to how closely Christian churches actually followed the words of Jesus Christ.  What I found after almost three years of intensive study was that while there are now almost 39,000 different versions of Christianity practically none of them appear to center their doctrine or practices around Jesus’ words as found in the red letters of many bibles.  As a matter of fact many seem to almost ignore his words and especially his commands!  They want to concentrate on the man-made rules and beliefs that were formulated many years after Jesus left this earth. It surprised me that some denominations are fixated on what to believe and how to exclude those who don’t align with their beliefs than how to act and how to love! During this study I also found was that the noted theologians of the day are all over the map when it comes to what they profess.

One of the results of this study is that I no longer call myself a Christian. That word as been polluted, especially in the political sphere, so much it has almost lost all meaning.  I have almost included myself in the “Spiritual but not religious” category! I now simply call myself a “follower of Jesus Christ”. After my initial study which stretched between 2008 and 2011 I stopped blogging here for almost a year but I didn’t stop studying the history of Christianity or the words of Jesus.

In 2014, after six years I put this blog in hiatus as I had come to the conclusion that I had little else to say about the topic. I have left the blog open as an archive since then and am somewhat surprised to see all the views it still gets.  It is satisfying to know that others think what I said here is still relevant to their spiritual lives.

To sum things up I believe that the church is at a crossroads and where it goes from here, or maybe more appropriately where it is  pushed, will determine its future. That future could eventually be  one of complete irrelevance if nothing is done or one that leads the world toward the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven…. as Jesus intended.