Church Hoppers?

Keeping with the theme of the last post about going to church, it has been found that 45% of Christians who go to church do not go to the same denomination that they went to as children. Is this a good thing or a troubling aspect of Christianity? Some say troubling and some say not. For me personally it is a good thing in that it shows that, at least for some of us, that we are taking our faith seriously and considering other options when our spirituality is at stake. I am one of those 45%. I had no choice in the matter as to what church my parents went to or whether they even went to church at all. But as an adult I consciously made a decision based how my perceptions of biblical knowledge aligned. I must admit that I don’t agree with everything about my current church’s doctrine but that is ok. 

Politically people tend to stay with the same affiliation as their parents. It is almost as if national party is a generic trait 🙂 . The same generally holds for religious affiliation. It is also a general belief that the large mega churches are sapping off members from smaller churches. While some of that is probably true I think church hopping for theological reasons is generally a good thing. At least it shows that some of us study Christ’s words and try to base our lives, of at least our worship, on them.

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