Is it possible to be a good Christian without going to church?

To me he short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, but without the fellowship that a church provides it is more difficult. We all have our own opinions about just about everything. At least I certainly do. If we are left to our own account we will often develop a very distorted view on many things. It is only by conversing with others that we solidify and hone our views of the kingdom of God and the proper attitude of the world around us. Even on this blog I have readers who gently poke me when I need it. I constantly thank the Lord for them. It helps me grow as a Christian when they do.

One thing I have personally found is that when I read the Bible I get different insights from the same verses depending on where I am (spiritually that is). Getting input from other believers helps me to broaden my perspective. As Reggie McNeal says in his book the Present Future, church and spirituality are often not the same thing. Some people who do “church” are not very spiritual and some who do not attend church are very spiritual. But for most of us the fellowship that a good church provides is indeed a good thing on our road to Christ.

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