Amazing Grace – Reaching Past Ourselves


I saw the title quote for this post form a story about Wintley Phipps who is a very popular singer/pastor. As soon as I heard it I was struck to the heart. If you really think about the words in the hymn “Amazing Grace” you come to the realization that the hymn is about reaching past our arrogance and past our pride and into the true nature of God. I have to tell you about a very personal incident in my life. It was during the singing of this hymn that I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit enter my life after so many years of renouncing Him and the rest of the Trinity. It was a feeling that I know I will never experience again in my life. It was the point where I finally “got” it. We can’t depend on our own actions to get us right with God. If we do that we are doomed from the start. Yes, we are to do our utmost to help the Kingdom of God thrive on this earth, but since we are sinners to our very nature it is totally impossible to earn our way without Jesus Christ. It is through the “Amazing Grace” of God that we are able to do good on this earth and to spend an eternity with our Lord and Savior. Amazing grace is indeed a VERY sweet sound. I will spend the rest of my life thanking God for it and trying to live out His love in my daily life.

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