God has a dream for my life

These next couple of posts are very personal in nature. I will be revealing some of my soul in them. Please bear with me or if you want just skip over them.

 I talk a lot about how we shape our futures by the God given free will choices we make. But, it was also very important for me to understand that God has a dream for how my life should run its course. If I were to totally give in to God’s will His dream would certainly be accomplished and I would be a much better person. Of course that has not happened, especially in my younger more rebellious years. Anything that reeked of authority I wanted nothing to do with. And, my religious experiences during that time definitely reeked of authority. Now that I am over the hill I truly believe that I have finally found what God’s dream for my life is.  Each of us has different roles to play in God’s kingdom. It is very important that we find exactly where he wants us to be.

 I can only imagine what my life would have been like if I had taken the time to seek God’s dream for me when I was younger. But, of course God probably knew that I wasn’t ready for his dream at that time. It takes some of us longer than others to finally give up our pride and the thought that “we” are in control of things and give our lives over to our Lord.

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