Opportunities to share the Lord’s Love in our lives

no_one_should_go_hungry_food_drive_typographyI have been volunteering at a cafeteria/soup kitchen in a Christian homeless shelter for over four years now. This was part of my progression from a hectic life to the slow lane. It was doing dishes and helping to fix the meals that I learned one of the places the Lord truly intended me to be. Over these years I have progressed to doing solo days when needed. Sandy, the full time cook at the mission had some surgery yesterday and will be off for a week or more. My prayers and many others are with her for a full recovery. If anyone should get a full portion of the Lord’s love she should. Anyway, starting today and for three days next week I will be the substitute “chef”. I, with the help of others including some who have volunteered from my church, will prepare about 500 meals during this time. Of course what we have will depend on what food comes into the mission. That seems to change on a daily basis. During these hard economic times donations for these types of places typically decrease while the need increases. It is hard for them to stay afloat under these conditions. I am hereby making a heartfelt plea to anyone who reads my blog to seek out a shelter in your community (they exist in almost all communities) and lend a hand or give them a few dollars. After all the Lord did tell us that when we help “the least of these” we are actually helping Him. Isn’t that a wonderful thought. Also say a little prayer for me to get it right during my hours there in the coming week. Thank you Lord for another opportunity to share your love in my life.

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