Ask Shane Claiborne…(Response)

Source: Ask Shane Claiborne…(Response).

You also see in Scripture that when people encounter Jesus, they don’t all walk away to pursue the exact same lifestyle. For instance, Jesus dealt with two tax collectors—Matthew and Zaccheus. Matthew chose to sell everything, but Zaccheus, from what we know, sold half of everything, paid everyone four times what he owed them, and then went on. So they both reimagine their life and their economics, and they both challenge the system, but they did it in different ways. And you’ll notice that Matthew didn’t get all upset and come out and tell Zaccheus how to do it! (laughter)

I think I have read all of Shane Claiborne’s book. He is one of the few Christians I know that totally lives out his faith. I don’t think he is labeled an emergent although he certainly practices inclusion in his small church.

The above quote is from a longer interview that Rachel Held Evans was able to receive.  It is well worth reading in its entirety so I will make it my blog post for today.  Click here to read it; it is well worth your time

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