Aside…. What does Faith in Jesus Mean??

Many people say they have faith in Jesus but I’m not sure they really know what they mean by that.  The  word itself has been so modified by man over the years.  Among other things I think faith means illumination..  When you have faith it sheds light on the meaning of your life and puts everything into clearer perspective…. It means loving God and loving your neighbor.

4 thoughts on “Aside…. What does Faith in Jesus Mean??

  1. Loving God and loving your neighbor. Very powerful active words. To love something is to interact with that you which love. Reminds me of a short story by Tolstoy “Where Love Is, God Is” or maybe it should be faith about Jesus. Just ruminating a little

  2. Faith also means believing without seeing or experiencing directly. We have God’s Word and our own faith to convince us that Jesus was who he claimed to be, did what he said, and will keep the promise he made to us.

    Believing when you can see, touch, or taste is no big deal. Believing when all that is absent is faith.

  3. As always Bob you are spot on as the Brits say!!!
    Maybe I have been watching too much BBC 🙂

    Believing that Jesus is Lord is what Faith is all about. Unfortunately throughout church history man has tried to attach more and more to that foundation of faith. I will soon be talking about the difference between faith and belief. To the early Christians these two words were quite different. But I am getting ahead of myself here…….

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