I am bringing up a new category here at RLL called an “Aside”. Anyone who has been on my other blog at knows that things frequently pop into my head that just must be released 🙂  The same goes for topics of this site. Asides will fill some of the voids between my twice weekly posts on church history.  When I have an aside for RLL I will try to make sure it is preceded by the above banner.


As you maybe noticed I recently did some right brain work and created a new header for this blog. The one that came stock with the template just didn’t do it!  The picture I used is of a fish which very early in Christian history became its logo of sorts. But my version is surrounded by fire!  The early Christians were on fire to praise their Lord and to follow his commands. If only we could replicate that enthusiasm today….

Author: RJ Walters

I am a guy who has a lot of interests. One of the biggest is blogging about my view of the world and the times we live in. I live a joyous life of a nuanced skeptic. I also happen to be deaf and have some rather distinctive Aspie traits. Because of my life experiences I have a pretty unique view of the world that you may find interesting, maybe even enlightening.

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