Take Back The Church Of Jesus

In case you haven’t visited here before I want to let you know that there are now 39,000+ versions of Christianity around the world. I realize that thousands of them are limited to a particular congregation who split off another body due to differences in what to believe about God, but there are hundreds of versions that have millions of followers and unbelievably many have abandoned the red letters.

The main reason for all these versions is about creating a god to match a particular worldview. This is nothing new, it has been going on since the very beginning but it really accelerated with the Protestant Reformation and gone into overdrive in the last couple of decades. As I see it, even the Christian Bible shows us some rather radical differences in what to believe about the founder of the church. Look for example at the epistles of Paul vs James. They couldn’t be more different in what God is about. Look at the Lutheran Reformation to see that Martin Luther proclaimed “Sola Scriptura” meaning the bible is inerrant and the only source for Christian guidance. Ironically, he then went on declare that the Book of James as an “Epistle of straw” meaning it is worthless.

In this light, I want to introduce you to yet another version of the church I recently found called WAFR. Here is a little about what my friends at RedLetterChristians say about that:

The article claims the WAFR is not Christianity but is an “heretical flame”. Pretty harsh words that took a great deal of courage to be said. I totally believe that it is time for Christianity to either take back their label or abandon it entirely. We who claim to be followers of the teachings of Jesus need to stand firm and aggressively in calling out those who have hijacked the church of Jesus. It will always astound me that in the 2020 election that 81% of White Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again. It was not Christianity that got him elected but another off-shoot called either “White Evangelicals” or WAFR, take your choice.

Post Source: Nov 01, 2020    |    www.redletterchristians.org. “ A Practical View of White American Folk Religion Contrasted with Real Christianity”

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