We Pray To The God Of Our Mind…

I’m going to jump in here with some thoughts that are unrelated to the current series. These thoughts were spurred by a quote on the side of my mini-RV that I am prepping for the coming season. I put the sticker along with many others on my trusty vehicle several years ago. I don’t know why it spurred a thought now?

All of us think we are praying to God, but likely are we really aren’t.  I know this is kind of a bold, some would say heretical statement But I stand by those words. As I have frequently mentioned here, there are 39,000+ different versions of Christianity around today and each one believes they have it right and the others are just wrong in one degree or another.  I’m sure I don’t have it right either; none of us do….

God is just too much for any of us to even imagine. Sadly, we spend far too much time vainly trying to shape God into our image. We Christians turn Jesus into and Anglo-type figure, but he really looked like most of those we are fighting in the Middle East right now. We Americans, especially those who follow Joel Olsteen, turn him into a god who wants all of us to be avid capitalists.

God is God, trying to label him to your beliefs is useless and futile on every level.

In that regard I kind of like Gandhi’s words about God.

I believe in the fundamental Truth of all great religions of the world. And I believe that if only we could, all of us, read the scriptures of the different Faiths from the stand-point of the followers of those faiths, we should find that they were at the bottom, all one and were all helpful to one another.

Since there can’t be thousands of gods controlling our actions and fate there has to be only one. The first path to fully accepting that is to admit it that we don’t really know who God is.

I am a firm believer in “Coexist”. That is that we all allow each other of seeing God in their own way. None of those ways come even close to describing the true God, but that’s ok.

Just don’t try to force your god on me. I am busy creating my own.

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