What Language Did Adam & Eve Speak??

Some Christians believe that each and every word in the Bible is literally true and without error. Even though I did not believe in a literal Bible I belonged to one of those churches at one time. I often asked embarrassing questions during our weekly bible study. Questions the clergy leader really didn’t care to try to answer.  Asking those questions is probably one of the reasons they tossed me out.

I never got to ask the question in the title of this post but I would be very interested in knowing how they might answer it. According to the biblical account Adam & Eve were the first humans. They had a lengthy relationship with God before they obtained the “knowledge of good and evil”. Some of their conversations seemed quite deep indeed.

Of course those who take Adam and Eve account as being literally true must then deny the existence of cave men, cave writing, ancient artifacts, and other forms of early man.  They even insist that the earth itself is only about six thousand years old! They must say all that evidence discounting their beliefs is either outright fraud on the part of our scientists or just God trying to trick us. They go to extreme lengths to hang on to their literal and inerrant stands. I do feel sorry for those who must deny so much of our history and archeological evidence. They have a hard time reckoning their version of history with established evidence. To that end most seem to treat science as an enemy of religion instead of being a God given tool to mankind.

But more sadly they spend so much time trying to justify their interpretations that they miss out on so much that the Lord tries to teach them in this day and age.  And of course in their stubborn insistence in literal stories they turn many away from learning about their creator.  The Bible has much to teach us about God and how he wants us to love him and love every one of our neighbors. It is a shame they don’t concentrate of the overall message and let some of the early biblical stories just be stories that teach us lessons about life.

Getting back to the original question, I would guess that the literalist’s answer to my question would be that they spoke some form of Greek or Aramaic.