If God is Love… Part 3

This is a continuation of my expose of the book by Philip Gulley entitled If God Is Love. In this post he talks about Dualistic Theologies.

Dualistic theologies reduce the questions of life to one: Are you saved? Nothing else matters. The purpose of life it to answer that single question. Of course, simply saying “yes” is not enough. You confirm your salvation by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, getting baptized, and receiving the Holy Spirit. Until you have done these things, your life has no meaning.

When salvation is defined so narrowly, it too easily becomes a status rather than a process. It becomes a contractual agreement between an individual and God….  Too often, God’s desire to transform us into mature, responsible, and gracious people was obscured. When religion factored in the fragility of life and the threat of eternal damnation, the product (a spot in heaven) rather than the process (becoming an authentic person) became the priority.

Growing up, I was asked repeatedly, “If you were to die tonight, where would you spend eternity?” I was never asked, “If you live tomorrow, what kind of life will it be?”

Some call this supposed contract between you and God fire insurance. We sign the papers and then put it on the shelf until it is needed. That is NOT what being a follower of Jesus Christ means to me nor should it to anyone else. Yes it is important that I know where I will be spending eternity but equally important, if not more so,  is how I will live my life tomorrow and all the tomorrows I have left.

2 thoughts on “If God is Love… Part 3

  1. Definitely this lines up with why do bad things happen to good people. How we respond and live speaks volumes to those around us. It also grows us up in the spirit to go from drinking milk to eating meat. Then one day, we will reign over worlds as he said. No one puts an immature being over worlds. So, here we go. Also, who would we be if we did not care about those around us and their destination or peace and joy in life? What a shallow and pointless life that would negate love to others and service that we are shown over and over.

  2. Welcome to the blog Christie. I welcome you comments whenever you would like to give them. I totally agree that it is a shallow and pointless life with out love for others. That was a message that Jesus put front and center in his ministry for a very good reason. When people are primarily only looking at themselves they miss the “meaning” of life.

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