Lessons Learned….

I have been getting hit by some because I don’t quote the Bible often enough for them.  As I have stated many times before I am just not a “chapter and verse” Christian. I do read the Bible frequently but instead of memorizing the words I try to learn the lessons behind the words and then attempt to make those lessons a part of my daily life. As far as I am concerned there are just too many “bible thumpers” around today.  I will not be one of those.  When I was in my godless years the bible thumpers constantly quoting this sentence and then that one actually had a negative effect on me. I might have come to God sooner if I had not been exposed to them. When I accepted Christ back in my life many years ago I vowed to never be like them.

This topic also goes back to one a few posts ago about not being able to see the forest for the trees. If you are too focused on each of the words (trees) you lose site of the overall message (forest) those words are meant to convey.  And as I have also  said several times before anyone, if they look hard enough can find some “words” in the Bible to back up whatever circumstance they want to push.  By looking at the lessons the Lord intended us to discover we can apply them to our lives and therefore be more pleasing to God. I am not one of those who think that God views me a something less than a bowl of snot. Yes I am a sinner but I am also a saint. It is my job to make sure that I be more saint than sinner. If I do that I believe that God is pleased with the responsibilities he has put upon me. If I lay back and say that I can’t do anything because I am a poor miserable sinner then I must realize that I am  shunning the responsibilities that God has given to each of us. We are to do two things while on this earth, to love God and to Love each other.

So here I am as usual telling you that God loves you and wants you to take his message of love into your heart. Until you do that you will always be seeking something that seems to be missing from your life. Taking on the responsibilities that God puts on you is a life filling ambition.

4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned….

  1. Servant: Unfortunately you are one of those who think they thoroughly know the mind of God. I just don’t think that is possible so I will never place myself in that category. You insult me by saying that the red letters have no effect on my beliefs and traditions! Of course I believe the opposite and from my readership I think I am more right than you.

    You constantly say everyone follows the traditions taught by men and then you go on to insinuate that somehow you know more than everyone else. I will pray that you refrain from judging everyone except yourself as somehow not truly Christian. You have violated at least one of my “Code of Conducts” so I will likely delete any future comments from you.

    I pray that God will give you peace and that he give you a stronger tolerance for other’s beliefs. No one knows God’s mind perfectly, not me or not even you. We all misunderstand God to one degree or another.

  2. Servant, I will make one last attempt to talk with you about these issues and then I will have to say goodbye and God bless you.

    I have never claimed to be a counselor on religious issues. I am not trained in it and I certainly wouldn’t try to do it remotely via a blog site. So, the only way I can help you is to offer my words on how I see what it means to live by the red letters. Obviously my words have not satisfied you on several issues.

    No, I am not offended that Christians try to become one with God but I am offended when someone tells me that I don’t take the red letters seriously. Obviously my words are not enough for you. The words you use to convey where you are with your walk with God are sometimes very grating and seemingly arrogant. You seem to think that you have all the answers and others who disagree with you, and that it seems includes almost everyone else, are simply misguided by the “words of man” as you so often say.

    If you ever hope to get into a serious fellowship with other Christians you need to tone it back a little bit and accept that a person can be a Christian and not have to agree with everything you declare. You just might not have it all as right as you think.

    Good luck in your walk with Christ. I hope he gives you some peace in your life and God bless you. Try to find some help with your issues where you can meet face-to-face with someone.

  3. I think that you sharing this way is expressive as to what the spirit is speaking to you through the scriptures, which is the purpose of his Word. Whenever someone shares insights from moments spent with our Savior, it is beneficial, uplifting, and gives good food for thought. Thank you for staying true to the gift that God has given you.

  4. Christie, thanks again for the kind words.

    Servant was a very challenging viewer of this blog for a time. He was so sure that he was right and everyone else was wrong. To me that is one of the primary problems with so many Christians and one of the primary reasons there are over 35,000 different Christian denominations. It saddens me greatly that we can’t be one as Jesus instructed us.

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