Christian Spending on Massive Churches???


The above article is about the ten most beautiful churches in the world. Since I take my life lessons from Jesus I went to his words to find his opinion about building monoliths to God. I did not see anything that remotely suggested that God wants us to spend massive amounts of our resources in monuments to Him. Quite the opposite appears to be true.

Building massive churches is probably in reality much more of a human power type thing. The Popes, various affluent Christian, and even very popular Evangelists in todays word,  wanted to leave a legacy of their time on earth. To do that they spent church funds that could have been spent for much more Christ centered purposes. If Jesus was about anything he was about

  • Preaching  good news to the poor.
  • Proclaiming freedom for the prisoners
  • Recovery of sight for the blind
  • Releasing the oppressed
  • Proclaiming the year of the Lord’s favor.” 

Luke 4:16-20.

I don’t see anywhere in His words about building monuments to God. To me this is a very misguided concept that started very early in church history and continues through today. If we stuck to the words of Jesus we would all likely be having our Sunday services in abandoned warehouses, parks, foreclosed houses,  or at least co-rented spaces shared with others that used them throughout the week.  Some say if we don’t build lavish facilities then there will be those that won’t come. If we get people to come for the creature comforts are we really giving them the true message of Jesus? I think not….

One thought on “Christian Spending on Massive Churches???

  1. Read “Pagan” by George Barna. Interesting work on what men have done to Christ’s church. All documented. Meeting in homes was the practice in the early church when they were thrown out of the temples. The Holy Spirit dwells in each believer. He goes with us everywhere. We worship wherever we are.

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