The Link between Evangelicals and Radical Right Politics..


I am going to get on my soapbox here. I try not to do it very often but sometimes things just grate on me too much! I want to get this off my mind so I can start fresh in 2011


I am sorry to say that I have evidenced a strong link between what is probably the majority of Christians who call themselves Evangelicals and the radical right wing of the Republican Party. It is unfathomable to me that those who say they take Jesus’ words as absolute truth can then turn around and align themselves with such a anti-brother’s keeper type worldly organization. The two seem to be diametrically opposite in their philosophies so I am confused as to why they seem to be linked by so many?

Yes I understand those who are religious are opposed to abortion, I certainly am. But to then  attach themselves to a political party just because they verbally, but without any corresponding action, say they are also against abortion are words only intended to accomplish a politically advantageous association and nothing more. Why can’t more people see that obvious fact?

The latest example of the radical right mentality is their attempted blocking of the child nutrition bill which give poor kids at least one hot meal a day. They deemed the program unnecessary government intrusion and a waste of taxpayer money. I guess they think the money would be better spent on building a few more smart bombs than on poor kids. They certainly don’t have any compunction about giving unlimited resources to the world’s biggest war machine. This is something that many in the evangelical community seems to be actively promoting and even celebrating. Where are God’s words in this action? (Since I have written these words the Republican has finally given in and allow this bill to pass above their objections.)

Does this link between Evangelicals and radical right politics damage the kingdom of God on earth. In my opinion it absolutely does! Someone who, like myself, has an ingrained God given desire to help others is surely very turned off by this association. I’m pretty sure Bill Gates among others has mentioned this strange  link as a reason to totally separate his philanthropy from the religious environment. Given my strong propensity to trying to obey God’s command to help others I am often times very reluctant to let some know of my religious affiliations.

It is extremely sad to me to see this type of negative link between religion and worldly politics. Jesus warned us of this many times but I guess many choose to ignore those biblical passages. That saddens me greatly!

One thought on “The Link between Evangelicals and Radical Right Politics..

  1. Well said again.

    As a mother, I grieve over all those boys and girls of ours sent to war. Many are losing their lives and their futures for some old man’s ideology. Bring them home! The money saved would more than pay our national debt.

    We do need to defend ourselves and the Bible is full of OT accounts of God sending his people into battle. I don’t understand those accounts. But I see a different call in the words of Jesus. I want to model my life after his gentle, loving, generous ways.

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