Life in the Universe?

This is a quick post with a question that popped into my head.  I see from an article I read a while ago that scientists think they are getting closer to being able to confirm that there is life elsewhere in the universe.  I wonder what the Christian beliefs are about this possibility? I suspect that as with almost everything else in Christianity it is across the board.

2 thoughts on “Life in the Universe?

  1. That question was bounced around months ago in the newpapers and on the web, etc.

    Most did not think the Bible eliminated that possibility at all. The Seventh Day Adventist denomination’s founder, many years ago, said she thought there would be other life as God was a creator or life. Looks like she may be right. Why not?

  2. Have you read “Hole in the Gospel”. A powerful read that will motivate anyone to live out the Gospel practically.

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