When you tell someone that they could do a better job of following Christ are you demeaning them?

In a recent exchange of comments with a reader of this blog he made the comment that I was demeaning other Christians when I say we are not doing a very good job of following Christ’s examples and words. By pointing out a supposed weakness in someone’s walk with Christ am I putting them down? Am I demeaning them? I think not. Am I possibly making them feel a little uncomfortable? I certainly hope I am. We should all be somewhat uncomfortable in our walk with Christ. Jesus told us as much several times in the red letters and I do not take those words as demeaning me.

I don’t know about the religious world but for thirty years in the corporate world I had an annual performance review. For the most part my reviews were pretty good but they always cited areas where I could improve. I did not take the authors of those reviews as demeaning me when they told where I could make improvements in my work habits.

I was only very minimally involved in the sports world but it seems that the coaches were constantly “encouraging” me to do better and better. Some of that “encouragement” may have been taken as demeaning but for the most part it was only to make me a better athlete. I think in almost all aspects of life there are those who want us to do better and therefore bring our faults to the surface as areas for possible improvements. I know wives are very good at this when it comes to their husbands 🙂

So, are we to treat our Christian brothers differently in this regard than they get in the corporate or athletic worlds or in many other aspects of life? Do we demean them by telling them they could do a better job of being followers of Jesus Christ? I think not! But, to those who believe us all to be nothing but poor and worthless sinners maybe bringing up “impossible” suggestions on how to improve is considered demeaning. I feel sorrow for those who would take it as such. They need to understand that God loves them very much and wants them to be better Christians. Those who tell them it is impossible to please God are doing a disservice to Jesus and his church family.

So, get off the couch and be better Christians!! 🙂 🙂

One thought on “When you tell someone that they could do a better job of following Christ are you demeaning them?

  1. Jesus’s biblical example was to teach and then model or live his words. We are told if we love him we will keep his commands. When the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in the Christian He transforms them and motivates them to action to help their fellow man. Their is nothing more joyful than to live like Christ. You’re “you” motivated and not “I” motivated. Wonderful way to spend your waking hours thinking of how Christ would have you help someone.

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