Were the Apostles Baptized??

Maybe someone can help me out with this question. Were all the Apostles baptized with water? I don’t recall seeing this in the Bible. If water baptism was so important then surely Jesus insisted that all his immediate disciples be baptized. If they were baptized this surely would have been a major event in their lives and someone would have reported it.

If I change the question to remove the word “water then I can absolutely say yes to the question. Their baptism occurred at the Pentecost. The holy spirit coming into our lives is the real baptism for all of us. In my beliefs the other one is mostly symbolic in nature. Some say the two event happen concurrently now but I just don’t know? I know that I was baptized as a baby but I also know that there was a point in my life where I truly felt the Holy Spirit come into my life.

There are different theological view of these two events. I could just pick and choose any one of them I guess. Jesus made it a point to distinguish between water and fire baptism. What did he mean by that explanation?

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