A Long and Agonizing Death…

A close member of my  extended family died yesterday after a long and agonizing downward spiral.  For the last two years she was no longer of her own mind and became a very spiteful person. It was totally sad to see her in that state for so long.  It is not that she was a superhuman before that but she was not unlike many today in her very self-centered world view. I am relieved that she finally passed and went into our Lord’s arms. She can finally enjoy some peace.

I know I have read several treatises about suffering in the world. I think that is one of the theologian’s favorite topics. But I personally still wonder why the Lord, who has infinite compassion for each one of us, puts some of us through such agony before we die?  I know the bible says otherwise but in my mind it kind of gives credence to the concept of purgatory. If we suffer so much before leaving this life does that give us a little less judgment by our maker?

Even though it was eventually expected and actually hoped for the end of her life still came as somewhat of a shock. I can still feel the shutter when I was told of her demise. I just hope and pray that I don’t have to suffer in the circumstances as she did for such a long period of time. Thank you Lord for finally ending it. I may not understand the reasons behind those years but I can accept that you  allowed it to happen for a reason.

One thought on “A Long and Agonizing Death…

  1. We all wonder why suffering exists. Could it be that when sin entered the world the entire creation became corrupted including the body. Death entered the world and everything in this world. Scriptures say it is Satan’s world at this time. Hard to understand isn’t it? Why an all powerful God would turn the earth and His precious creation over to such a wicked being. But here we are and learning lessons I suppose.

    We had two funerals this week and one relative was only 62 and had a sudden stroke and brain bleed. The family had to make some very hard decisions and he did pass away. He would have been a vegetable on life support. He died too young. But he had turned his life around in the last several years and was ready to meet Christ.

    I hope we get some answers someday.

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