A New Beginning….

I am back from my seven week hiatus and with some fresh insights. During this time I have stopped thinking about theology. It just became too troublesome for me to continue the way I was going.  But, I have now come to some foundational conclusions.

  1. I was just getting too drained worrying about all the different views of Christ that exist in the world today and which one, if any, is actually true.
  2. It is not up to me to “save” the rest of the world. Everyone must discover the true Christ on their own terms. I believe that I have finally come to an understanding of God that satisfies my soul. Part of this understanding  I believe came from personal revelations from the Holy Spirit. Part of it was just common sense that I previously refused to accept.
  3. I can only be accountable for myself and my actions. If others choose a different path than me they, or possibly I, will have to live with the consequences both in this life and in the possible next one.
  4. I can finally say without reservations that I believe that the Bible was written by men for men. It is man’s meager attempt to describe the nature of God. Some of the Bible is indeed inspired by God but it was not dropped from heaven. It is a work of man not God. Some of it good; some of it not so good and some of ways it is presently interpreted is quite troubling.
  5. I believe that the words in the Bible that are attributed to Jesus must take front and center above absolutely any other words in that book. Christ is God incarnate; his words are what really matters.  Everything else  in the Bible is very secondary at best and some is really not currently relevant for us at all. Some of those words attributed to Jesus may not actually have come from Jesus’ lips but that does not tarnish the dominant overall message.
  6. I believe that faith without the follow-up actions is worthless.  We must not only say the words but must also live by them. Anything else is just blowing in the wind and worthless.

So with these insights in hand I will now continue with putting my thoughts down in this blog. If anyone sees any value to my words that is wonderful but I put them down here mainly for my own benefit. I will no longer attempt to adhere to a regular schedule for this blog. I will post when the Spirit moves me. Those posts may be several times a week or several weeks apart.

I will starting now generally restrict my posts discussing things that I believe, book reviews, and memorable quotes of others. I will no longer be posting about Christian denominations, politics, theology and like minded topics.  I will first, foremost, and always strive to live my life centered on the words of Jesus alone.

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