The Church Clubhouse?

Is there anything wrong with having a church be the social center for members’ families as well as a place to worship God? Many churches believe this configuration is totally wrong but in reality most, if not all, churches are to one degree or another clubhouses as well as churches.  Some believe the church/clubhouse is the core of the 21st century religious establishment. Should having fun be unrelated to doing church or to what extent should they be related? That is the basic question to be answered and it seems to have many different answers.

I don’t see anything wrong with being happy and having fun while praising God. But I’m sure many of you more stodgy Protestants think otherwise. To you praising God is a very serious thing and should not be a joy for us but a very serious event. This was also pretty much the case with Catholics up until the 2nd Vatican council that finally at least put the mass in native languages and then that was followed by the dreaded guitar masses :). I don’t think anyone can deny that most mega churches make praising God a happy and family centered event. Some have coffee bars and some even have McDonalds restaurants to enjoy between events. Is this wrong? I am beginning to think not!

In studying the words of Jesus it is obvious that he had a sense of humor and was not opposed to having fun. After all the very first miracle he preformed was to make wine for a marriage celebration! So, it is obvious that he was not against taking drink in moderation or dancing or other such things that go on at wedding celebrations. Yes we should take praising God seriously but that does not exclude having fun doing it. To me celebrating my salvation through Christ is a joyous thing! As long as the church and its events are Christ centered and not people centered they will accomplish their task and allow the Christian family to have an enjoyable time doing it.

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