A Joyous Easter to Everyone



One this day let’s celebrate our risen Savior and starting tomorrow concentrate on living our lives as He taught us.

Author: RJ Walters

I am a guy who has a lot of interests. One of the biggest is blogging about my view of the world and the times we live in. I live a joyous life of a nuanced skeptic. I also happen to be deaf and have some rather distinctive Aspie traits. Because of my life experiences I have a pretty unique view of the world that you may find interesting, maybe even enlightening.

3 thoughts on “A Joyous Easter to Everyone”

  1. hello,
    my name is Ghinwa, I’m from Lebanon
    I’m a beleiver and this the first time that I see this website and it’s very nice.
    I just want to ask you the meaning of red letter and what do you mean by saying ” By the red letters found in the bible”?
    Thank you.

  2. Happy Easter Ghinwa.
    In many versions of the Bible Jesus’ words are shown in red letters. To the live by the red letters means to follow Jesus and do try and do what he tells us to.

  3. Hello Ghinwa,

    How wonderful to “meet” you on this great blog RJ has.

    Are you of the Quaker faith? Do you have many different denominations in Lebanon or is that very much American?

    Hope to talk with you more.

    Blessings, Peppy

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