New Year Resolutions??

 Here it is December 31st again. I won’t tell you how many I have seen go by but it is quite a few. My wife and I are past the stage where we stay up and ring in the new year. I am now usually sound asleep when that time ticks by.  

I try to live in Christ  day-by-day but it still doesn’t hurt to look at the last day of the year as a time of serious reflection. How did I do last year? I, as usual, have to mirror the words of Saint Paul in that I still do some things that I don’t want to and don’t do much of what I know I should do. But overall I think 2009 was a pretty good year for me.  I spent a lot of time, but never enough, with my fellow Christians in worship to our Lord and Savior. But there were times where I made excuses for not doing things that I should have done. And sometimes I just wasn’t as diligent in doing them as I should have been.  I also gave of my time, talents, and resources to sustain and grow our small congregation of believers. But, I was painfully short on witnessing to others as I should have been.  

I spent more time in 2009 trying to be my brother’s keeper than I have any year of my life. But, the needs in this area just keep growing especially during these tough economic times. I have made several new friends at the homeless shelter/soup kitchen where I volunteer but I have, at least in my heart, judged too many of them  while I have the proverbial “plank” in my own eye. I pray that Jesus particularly help me with that one.  

I will try, with the help of Jesus, to do better in 2010 and I will pray for those I meet on a weekly basis who don’t have enough money to buy even food at the end of each month. I will try to be there for them with at least a friendly smile and my humble words of encouragement. Sometimes that is all they need to brighten up their stress filled days. As always I will try to be the moon and reflect the Son. Because the need seems to be growing so greatly I will also try to encourage my fellow Christians to be more active in this area.  I can indeed do anything with Christ on my side. Jesus said if I have faith in him even the size of a mustard seed I can move mountains. Please Lord, help me grow in faith in the coming year.

Happy New Year to all of you. Have a joyous season and may we all have a Christ filled year ahead.


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