The One Year Anniversary of RLL

One year ago I brought up the Red Letter Living blog. To be honest I did it primarily to put down my thoughts on the many books and topics I have been studying the last few years. I just needed a place to think things through and put them to print. To that end this blog has been very beneficial to me on a personal level and has strengthened by faith in the words of Christ.

Amazingly as the posts accumulated so did the readership. I am humbled that there are Christians out there that think I have anything worth reading. But, I believe that the things I struggle with in my walk with Christ are not that different from many of you. I have always admitted that I am not in lock step with any particular church denomination although I am a faithful member of one of them.

I am going to try here to list some things that I have learned from writing blog in the last year.

  • I learned that I have much in common with many Christians out there.
  • I have made several friends through blog contacts.
  • I  learned that most people are open to different views of Christianity but some absolutely are NOT.
  • I have learned that the Christian population is much more diverse than I originally thought.
  • I have learned that putting my words to paper (so to speak) forces me to study each topic more than I might have otherwise.
  • Through blog conversations I have discovered several new and inspiring Christian authors and theologians.
  • I have learned that my views of some aspects of Christianity are not as unique as I thought they were. (It is nice to know that I am not a weirdo and others are thinking the same things you are 🙂 )
  • I have learned that we Christians have divided ourselves for some pretty trivial reasons.
  • I have grown even more anguished about the unity of believers.
  • I find that the more I study the words of Christ the more I want to know.

Thanks to everyone who frequents this blog. It has been a wonderful and challenging year. Thanks for your friendships and constructive criticisms.  Let us all be open to new things that bring people to Christ. Change does not mean we have to give up our dogma or doctrine so please don’t feel threatened by it.


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