Fair Weather Christians

Here is another impromptu post related to a discussion I recently had with another Christian. First of all I am a regular supporter, both with my time and money, of a local Christian shelter and soup kitchen. During my discussions with my Christian friend I mentioned that the support of our church to this mission has almost dried up in the recent months. I have tried numerous way to spur support but to no avail. My friend made the statement that maybe we should not ask people to support things like this during these tough times. My friend said many families are struggling with bills and our congregation needs more money to pay higher utility bills and other unexpected expenses.

This got me to thinking, does Jesus give us a pass for being our brother’s keeper when we hit a rough patch in the road? The more I think about this the more upset I seem to get. In my mind it is exactly in these type of times when our brothers need us the most. I don’t know anyone in my church who is homeless or in deep financial distress. Yes, many probably have cut back on some unnecessary items but is that enough of a reason to step back from giving to the least of these?

Is it ok to be a fair weather Christian? Did Jesus draw a line in the sand as to when personal needs outweigh Christian giving? As usual I am full of questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

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