Is it easy to be a Christian by yourself?

 Subtitle: [Fellowship of Believers]

Here are today’s red letters:

Matt 18:20

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

 Why did Jesus say it takes two or three coming together in his name in order for him to be with them? Why not just one? I think it is because Jesus knew it would be difficult to be a Christian by yourself. Reading the bible by yourself can result in getting a very wrong message from the text. In the days when I was a Christian basher I read the bible from cover to cover in order to get ammunition to fight the fight against “bible thumpers”. The messages I got from those readings was quite different from how my Bible study group reads it now. It takes the perspectives of other to help us understand God’s words. We can’t easily do it alone.

In Martin Luther’s writings he made it clear that he believed that it was quite impossible to be a Christian without the fellowship of others. I don’t go quite as far as Luther but I do believe that every Christian is a better follower of Jesus if he/she is in fellowship with others. Is it possible to do it alone? Yes, but it is much easier with at least one fellow Christian by your side.

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