End Times – My Version!

Today I am feeling a little silly so I am going to give you my version of the end time. I’m not going to quote any Bible verses to back up what I am going to describe. I doubt I could find them even if I wanted. We all know there is quite a bit in the Bible about this topic in Matthew 24 but is seems to be pretty general and not attuned to our 21st century mind. Being “green” and a techie here is my version of the end times in a little more detail.

 <<< Eerie music playing in background >>>>>>>
The date is 2xxx and the earth’s ozone layer is gone so we have to limit our outside activities to night time. The final icecaps melted a few years ago and all the major cities along the coasts in the United States were completely flooded. Everyone that used to live in New York City now is taking up space in Ohio. The Philadelphia Phillies are now the Lexington Phillies and are limited to only night time games (see the above for explanation). China finally got tired of taking the IOUs from the United States and asked for some loan repayments. As a result the American economy collapsed. Of course, since everyone now has an atomic bomb and insist on using them, millions of acres of land are daily being put off limits for 1,000 years due to radioactive contamination. The earth is truly shrinking beyond its ability to support us. Everyone agrees these are indeed the end time, or at least hope they are.

Suddenly one day the sky turns bright or should I say infinitely brighter than usual. All those people who are still calling themselves Christians instantly disappear and 100% of those left are totally self-centered greedy egotists. They are all holed up in their individual caves trying to maintain ownership of all the “stuff” they have collected in their lifetime. Since there is nothing left but total greed there are no laws; everything is defined by whatever you care to call it. Many are calling it “hell”.

 <<< Very pleasant music (whatever you define that to be) playing >>>>
The people who “disappeared” were actually tele-transported to a new planet in another solar system. They call their new home “Kingdom 1”. It is totally pristine. There is absolutely not pollution. Farming and most other occupations are a true pleasure to do. Nobody is sick or in need of anything. Jesus Christ is a regular visitor to many on this new world and given the people’s past experiences they are now listening very carefully to what he says. One of the topics he covers is that he is giving us another chance to have God’s kingdom on earth, or should we say “Kingdom 1”. Given the revelations provided by Christ all the believers are indeed one in faith and fellowship. Many get together to praise God on a daily basis and pray that this time they will get it right.

  <<<<<< All the music stops as we are now back in the real world >>>>>>

Okay, okay, I know what you are saying, “boy RJ sure does have an active imagination!”. Of course you are right. No, I am not going on tour preaching this new end-time theology; we have too many of those kind of Christians now (ha). This story was just for fun. But, we do need something to shake us from our complacency. The sooner the better. After all not even Jesus knows when the end times are actually coming.

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