Why a Red Letter Living Blog?

I am bringing up this blog for several reasons. 

  • I am an evangelical Christian who doesn’t like how I am generally portrayed in the mainstream media. I admit that I am a more progressive Christian than perhaps most. I readily call myself a “bleeding heart”.  I want to let the world know that there are Christians around who believe and vote on more than one or two issues. I hope by opening this blog I can find and share views with like minded people ( and even those who are not so like minded as long as they keep the dialog civil).
  • Another reason is to simply have a place where I can record my thoughts about Christian living.  Over the past 25 years, and especially the last 3 years, I have been reading extensively about Christian doctrine, theology, history, and practices. I just need a place to hash out all my thoughts and share my views with others.
  • Another reason is that I sometimes believe that most Christians today do not pay enough attention to the actual words of Jesus as found in the Gospel texts. Of course, I will be getting into that in more detail as this blog matures. If we don’t pay attentions to God’s own words then who should we listen to and obey.

Let’s have fun sharing our personal roads to Christ. Of course we are all at various points along that road so, hopefully, we can learn from one another.

God’s Blessing to everyone,


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