Why, God??

Recently I seem to be asking questions that I was previously very reluctant to consider. I know I am not supposed to test God but I just can’t understand why he has not shown himself more directly in more than 2,000 years? Even according to biblical standards this is probably the longest period of time without a direct and powerful intervention from God.

  • Why are you keeping yourself hidden?
  • Why haven’t you shown yourself in more than 30 generations?
  • What are you waiting for?
  • Why must I rely on ancient accounts of you that have such scant documentation? None of the originals of even that documentation exist today!
  • Why am I forced to try and understand today’s world through a two thousand year old filter?

I know from my abundant studies in this area that these are questions often asked by people who have not yet come to know Christ. They make comments like “I know he was hung on a cross to die about 2,000 years ago and then came back to life, but what has he done lately?”. Many evangelicals say “he told us everything we need to know in the Bible.”

  • But aren’t our varied interpretations of just what the bible says the cause of us splitting into more than 35,000 versions of Christians?
  • When is enough enough for even God?
  • Why can’t he provide us with clearer answers to today’s problems?
  • Why can’t he give us clearer directions on what it really means to be his disciples?

Why, why, why…