It Moves Beyond….

I like to think of the Great Emergence as reported in the book by Phyllis Tickle as  “Post-Religion”.  It moves … More

Troubles with the Bible…

When you consider that the Bible was written by over 40 separate authors and compiled from thousands of manuscripts, in … More

So, Why Don’t We???

Everyone in America knows the catchy slogan: What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)? Of all the Christian memorabilia donned by the … More

Agents of Reconciliation..

Christians will not be agents of reconciliation and healing as long as they see the world from the perspective of … More

Inspiring Quotes…

3)  We turn Christianity into a culture rather than a lifestyle. We have turned Christianity into a market.  We have … More

Inspiring Quotes….

2)  We focus on The Great Commission over The Great Commandment The Great Commission does not supersede the Great Commandment. … More

Inspiring Quotes….

1)  We try to share our faith before we even have any.   I remember talking with a 13 year … More

Pray For….

“Ok everyone, time for prayer requests…” I don’t know about you, but those times always unsettle me a bit. Not … More