It’s Sad…. But Joyful…

For a number of weeks now I have been looking for stories about Christians doing good in the world. When I brought up the new category entitled Let’s Show the World I thought finding Christians reaching out to the world would be an easy thing. It is sad for me to say but I found the opposite to be the case. After hours of searching the internet I was only able to find one story that fit the bill for this category and it was five years old! I was able to find that most Christian denominations have some philanthropic type divisions linked to them but most lack specific instances of showing the world. I also have found that when it comes to resources these divisions account only for a very very small percentage of the spending of most of those denominations.

Joyfully I have found a couple of organizations that do fit this category but they are very insistent that they do not affiliate themselves with any religious organization. How sad it is to see that the division, and often times corresponding animosity, that occurs in Christianity causes people who are trying to show the Lord’s love in their lives to separate themselves from religious organizations.

The two most prominent organizations to “show the world” are


These sites contain hundreds of stories and blog posts that maintain the brother’s keeper mentality. I very much encourage you to browse the sites for those uplifting stories. So, to populate the “Let’s show the world” category on this blog I will from time to time pull some stories from these sites.

2 thoughts on “It’s Sad…. But Joyful…

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, but I don’t agree at all with this statement, “I thought finding Christians reaching out to the world would be an easy thing. It is sad for me to say but I found the opposite to be the case”. You just aren’t looking in the right place! We worked overseas for 18 years and had the privilege of working alongside hundreds of believers in Jesus who were serving, loving, and selflessly sacrificing on a daily basis. They are too busy serving to post anything on a web site, don’t feel the need to “advertise” what they are doing, and don’t want to jeapordize those they are serving by writing about it on the web, as the countries we served together in are places where Christians are persecuted. But rest assured, there are many believers in Jesus who are committed to demonstrating their faith and love for Him by serving others around the world.

  2. Jstilw,
    Thanks for the comment. I didn’t mean to imply that Christians aren’t out there doing good. I’m sure many are. Personally I volunteer two days a week in a soup kitchen and am constantly meeting other Christians willing to at least spend some time helping there. What this particular post was about finding stories to relay here on this blog about those types of efforts. There just doesn’t seem to be any good sources. At least not that I was able to find on the internet. No matter what I put into the search engines none came up with any stories to use.

    If we could show the world what we are doing by pointing to discrete stories it would be helpful in pointing others to Christ. Again, sadly I have not been able to find those stories to use here. Since Quakers use service as a very central place in their lives I have subsequently found a couple of their blogs but that is about all. I continue to search for more.

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