Let’s Show the World….

Some say I am too negative on this site and there is probably some truth to that. So with this post I am starting a new category called “Let’s show the world”. These posts will be about positive things we can do to make Jesus Christ more visible in the world today. They will also include stories about churches  and other Christian organizations who are presently showing the world the true light of Jesus Christ through their works and actions.  So, let’s get on with it.

In light of my recent post about billionaires giving away their fortunes, wouldn’t it be great if we Christians did more to show the world what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? I realize that our faith is a very personal matter between us and Jesus but He did tell us to go out into the world and make more  disciples and to teach them to obey his commands.  In today’s world the best way to get a message across is to lead by example. If we “walk-the-walk” as well as “talk-the-talk” it becomes a much more powerful message to those who are stuck in this material world.

Certainly not all of us Christians are millionaires or billionaires (but I imagine we are well represented in those groups also) but shouldn’t we all lead by example?  Let’s flood the food banks and soup kitchens with Christians volunteering to help. Lets be on the top at sending a few dollars to help with the dire problems in Haiti and the other similar spots in the world.  Let’s make sure that the poorest in this world have at least something to eat.  In other words let’s show the world that we really do care for “the least of these”. I know that there are some Christians already doing some of this but lets turn the volume way up so that no one can miss it.   I know we are not supposed to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing but I think God would forgive us if we did this as a group and not to bring attention to our individual selves.

All the statistics show that almost no one can tell a Christian from a secularist by their actions.  That needs to change and each one of us can do our part. Let’s show the world what it means to be a Christian.

One thought on “Let’s Show the World….

  1. I repeat my urging everyone to take the time to read Richard Stearns, President, World Vision U. S., book “The Hole in our Gospel”. “The Hole in the Gospel” will call youu to a higher level of discipleship. Now is the time . . . Richard Stearns has the strategy … your move!” Bill Hybels

    He feels the Gospel was meant to be a social revolution and it has to be implemented by Christ’s disciples. Christ started it and called us to continue. This is true worship when you become the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf, and serve the weakest among us.

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