Assembly Required….

Since we are into the beginning of the Christmas season the above title came to mind. Although I was not fortunate enough to be a parent I certainly sympathize with those who are when it comes to having to assemble things like bicycles and such for their kids for Christmas. I imagine to many parents the words “No Assembly Required” is a much sought after … Continue reading Assembly Required….

Were the Apostles Baptized??

Maybe someone can help me out with this question. Were all the Apostles baptized with water? I don’t recall seeing this in the Bible. If water baptism was so important then surely Jesus insisted that all his immediate disciples be baptized. If they were baptized this surely would have been a major event in their lives and someone would have reported it. If I change … Continue reading Were the Apostles Baptized??

Differing Parallel Verses and Theological Agendas…

How much of an agenda did the original Biblical authors have when they were writing their words? Were the differing parallel verses found in the Gospel text simple misinterpretations or remembrances or were they intentionally different because of the differing views of the authors. How much different did Matthew and Luke view Jesus’ messages. Looking at the differing parallel verses of the Beatitudes found in … Continue reading Differing Parallel Verses and Theological Agendas…

Is the Greed around Universal Healthcare a form of idolatry???

Jesus warned us not to pledge our allegiance to worldly things but instead to give that honor to God alone. His most often example of idolatry was money. But today there is literally a myriad of things that we have chosen to put up as idols in God’s place. One of these in my mind is the greed around the concept of universal healthcare. Jesus … Continue reading Is the Greed around Universal Healthcare a form of idolatry???