About those “Christian” websites and blogs….

I have had people tell me about Christian websites and blogs that they visit frequently. Most often I try to give them a look to see what they are about. I do have a lengthening list of blogs that I frequent. The main priority for me when it comes to adding to this Christian blog list is the following:

  • The blog must be Christ centered
  • The blog must espouse “Christ crucified”; that is it must recognize our need for a savior but not be fixated on that as a sole reason for Christ coming into our worldly realm.
  • The blog must NOT be mean spirited or contain character attacks on people they disagree with
  • The blog must concentrate on the words of Jesus; all the words not just those that promote their current agenda.  

One thing I will definitely not tolerate on a so called “Christian” blog is political rants and raves. That has no place on a Christian website. They speak very badly of the Body of Christ and give its enemies unnecessary ammunition against it. I recently critiqued a blog for a Christian friend of mine who, like many so called Evangelicals, leans pretty far to the right in worldview politics. The issues I pointed out in the blog were character assassinations pure and simple.  They espoused to look into the “opponent’s” heart and say that he does not believe anything he says. To me that is as unchristian as you can get.  Jesus clearly said to not judge the heart of others.  Even though I disagreed with much of what President Bush did while he was in office I never dissed him by saying his feelings were phony!  I’m sure he believed that all he did was for the good of the country. This blogger had absolutely no qualms about personally attacking our current president and for that matter everyone in his political party.  

You can disagree on some policies without attacking a person’s character as this site does frequently.  Of course on the Democratic side the abortion issues trouble me but the almost total lack of care for being my brother’s keeper as is evident in the Republican party troubles me very much too. All this being said the one thing I didn’t want to discuss with the good Christian friend who recommended this site is radical right political views vs. bleeding heart do-gooder views.  Arguing for or against a particular political worldview can contaminate one’s feelings about a person’s Kingdom views and I didn’t want that to happen here.

To recap my thoughts, mean spirited character assassinations have absolutely no place on the Christian blog. If the blogger is not Christ centered in his words and comments he does more damage to the work of Christ than he could ever imagine. I pray that if I do something like that here that everyone of you put me in my place very very quickly.

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