Authors of the Gospels

Let’s spend a couple of posts investigating the believed authors of the four Gospels. I have to say “believed” because as with most of the Bible the authorship of the Gospels are often in dispute among various authorities. It is generally believed that Matthew and John were both part of the original twelve. Mark and Luke were not. They were much like Saint Paul in … Continue reading Authors of the Gospels

The Atheist Scientist and the Puritan Evangelical…..

    ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— The two groups mentioned in the title of this post are indeed on the very opposite ends of world views. But I also believe that they have much more in common than either group would like to imagine. Let’s discuss some of their commonalities.   Both groups are very rigid in their beliefs; some would say closed-minded to any other possibilities. The atheist … Continue reading The Atheist Scientist and the Puritan Evangelical…..

The Slippery Slope

    It s amazing to me the number of Christians who cling to the concept of the “Slippery Slope”. This mentality is similar to NRA not willing to even allow assault weapons or bullets known as “Cop Killers” to be banned for sale to the general public. They are afraid that once one weapon is banned it will lead to all the others being banned. I.E. the … Continue reading The Slippery Slope

Questions about Saint Paul …. (Part 3)

Ok here we are at the third and last post thinking about Saint Paul. Here are the final questions: In his letters was Paul  sometimes  speaking of his times or was everything he wrote meant for eternity? What about the Jeffersonian opinion of Paul? Have others believed the same thing? Are we looking at Paul’s words with a 21st century mind or of the times … Continue reading Questions about Saint Paul …. (Part 3)

Questions about Saint Paul…. (Part 2)

Let’s continue with our discussion of Saint Paul that centers around a series of questions.  Here are the ones for today: Was Paul the most literate of the apostles? Did Paul believe that everything he ever wrote in his letters came to him directly from God? Did he have any idea that the letters he wrote would some day be considered by some as  foundational … Continue reading Questions about Saint Paul…. (Part 2)