Love, Obey, Command….

If you love me you will obey what I command.
John 14:15-16

This is one of the hard sayings of Jesus that is difficult to ignore. It couldn’t be more blunt. Even looking at the surrounding context you can’t mask this message. If you love me… The following verses adds that if you do this then I will give you the Holy Spirit to be with you forever. Is that to imply that if you don’t show your love for Jesus by obeying Him, or at least really trying to, that He will not give you the Holy Spirit? I don’t know! I, for one, am not about to take that chance even if I wanted to! 

 In some future posting I will be studying the places where Jesus used the word “command” but I don’t believe there is some hidden meaning to the word that will somehow ameliorate its meaning. Actions speak louder than words especially for those who call themselves Christians.

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