The Pope’s Christmas Message

On this blog and in my life I try to learn the Lord’s message wherever I can find it. I am just not one to cling to one particular denominational line of thought. I found some inspiring words from Pop Benedicts Christmas message yesterday.

He said “wherever an increasingly uncertain future is regarded with apprehension, even in affluent nations.”

“In each of these places may the light of Christmas shine forth and encourage all people to do their part in a spirit of authentic solidarity,” “If people look only to their own interests, our world will certainly fall apart.”

About the only thing we have been hearing lately, besides President-elect Obama, is how bad the US and world economies are becoming. There just doesn’t seem to be much hope for the immediate future. Because of that people are withdrawing into themselves. At a result things are getting dire in much of the less affluent nations and even among charitable organization in the United States. In his message the Pope tells us we cannot just look at our own selfish interests but we have to, especially in these times, constantly be aware of “the least of these”. Christ spent so much of his time with the less fortunate in the land. We need to remember to follow his example not only during the Christmas season but throughout the year.

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