An Ordinary Radical??

Let me start out by telling you that this post is not about Jesus being a radical but there is definitely some truth to that statement and I will address that in a future post. I know this title is kind of confusing. Is there really such a thing as an “ordinary” radical. I don’t know but that is what Shane Clairborne calls himself. Shane … Continue reading An Ordinary Radical??

Christians trashing Christians??

 Maybe in the blogosphere the word trashing should be replaced with snarking but that is another issue. Let’s hit this head on. If you search the words “red letter Christian” on WordPress and  other blogs you will find several sites by fellow Christians that are antagonistic to that phrase or even to the concept of using red letters. I must admit the word “trashing” might … Continue reading Christians trashing Christians??

Just What is Red Letter Living?

In general red letter living is just plain old Christians living but concentrating on the actual words of Jesus for the primary lessons in life.  To me some of the most significant red letters comes from the Sermon on the Mount. But, there are many other lessons that I am sure are almost as valuable. Red letter living serves three purposes: one is to thank … Continue reading Just What is Red Letter Living?

Why a Red Letter Living Blog?

I am bringing up this blog for several reasons.  I am an evangelical Christian who doesn’t like how I am generally portrayed in the mainstream media. I admit that I am a more progressive Christian than perhaps most. I readily call myself a “bleeding heart”.  I want to let the world know that there are Christians around who believe and vote on more than one or … Continue reading Why a Red Letter Living Blog?